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Aug 14, 2019

Continued price growth in local area, triggers urgency amongst buyers 

Have you been struggling to find a 4 bedroom home close to $500k in the Robina/Mudgeeraba area?  

You’ve probably noticed there really isn’t much available and you’re not the only one, with realestate.com.au classifying both Robina and Mudgeeraba as High Demand* suburbs.

The current median price for a 4-bedroom home in Mudgeeraba is now $640,000* and $726,000^ in Robina.  These high house prices combined with a lack of new developments offering more affordable homes is why we’ve seen such immediate interest at Tempus Residential Estate. 

With 4 bedroom townhomes available at Tempus from just $529,000 now is the time to act. 

Call or email to book your private appointment at Tempus. 


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Aug 02, 2019

Do you dream of raising your family in a perfectly positioned neighbourhood with the best connection, convenience and lifestyle?

Are you looking for the right school for your kids?

Trying to figure out what catchment you’ll need to live in to get them in?

Location plays a major factor in making these decisions and Tempus Residential Estate provides an abundance of educational offerings which are all easily accessed.

With 9 highly regarded schools and universities surrounding Tempus your choices are endless so come on in for an inspection and find out why more and more families are calling Tempus home.  


1. Safety: With strongly enforced and patrolled speed zones and closely monitored areas, parents can be assured that their children are in secure and safe hands

2. Property Value: Research and history shows that property appreciation and value near schools was significantly highly than other postcards nearby

3. Commuting Costs: Think less petrol or no bus fares… It’s free to walk or scooter! 

4. Early morning battles: Alarm clocks are no ones friend and you’re the enemy when trying to wake the family up to be out the door on time. Living closer doesn’t erase this but definitely allows for more sleep-ins.

5. Independence: Nothing teaches your child independence like walking to and from school and managing their time accordingly to be ready and arrive by the school bell and can also make them more street smart.

6. Extra Amenities: Tempus is not only close to one of the best schools in the country but also in close proximity to first class amenities like pool, tennis court, track and field as well as a great netball and football club nearby.

7. Active Lifestyle: Living close to a school get the family in the fresh air more as you can walk to school or use the time you save to enjoy the outdoors

8. Time + Energy: A school day can get very long if a long commute or pre/post school care is involved. Living nearby will give them more time and energy to play, learn a hobby and of course homework/study focus

9. Community involvement: By seeing the school from your street you will automatically feel more connected with the school community and have more time to get involved in the surrounding community

10. Neighbourhood/Friendship: You’re not the only one who is enjoying the lifestyle of living close which means their is a big opportunity for you and your family to make great friendships with your neighbours and people close by… Hello street parties

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